Who was Ophelia’s mother?

In Hamlet we encounter not just the melancholy prince of Denmark and his
problematic family. Also Polonius and his two children, Ophelia and
Laertes play important roles.
But somebody must have given birth to those two! The monologue A Minor
Character tracks this woman down.

Locked up as a madwoman by her power-greedy husband, she watches and
reacts to the events we think we know so well, at first from a distance, but as the
story unfolds, she gets increasingly involved as an actual participant — a story of a
mother trying desperately to save her daughter whilst refusing to be a
victim to her circumstances.

Presented in a witty and poetic monologue, this is a cruel and tragic tale of
a headstrong woman and her struggle to be heard.

Character: Ophelia’s mother – a woman around forty.
Playing time: approximately 75 minutes (no intermission).
One set.

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