A Minor Character

Who was Ophelia’s mother?

In Hamlet we encounter not just the melancholy prince of Denmark and his
problematic family. Also Polonius and his two children, Ophelia and
Laertes play important roles.

But somebody must have given birth to those two! The monologue A Minor
tracks this woman down.

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Lis Vibeke Kristensen BIO

Lis Vibeke Kristensen holds a degree in Drama and has worked extensively in the theatre as a dramaturg, director of plays for the stage, TV, and radio, and artistic and managing director of theatres in her native Denmark as well as in Sweden where she now resides. She was a guest artist at the Department of Theater and Dance, University of Colorado, Boulder. For the last twenty years she has made a career as a writer with eleven novels, two volumes of short stories, and one volume of poetry as well as a number of children’s books and non-fiction to her name. She has written four plays and made several adaptations for the stage from English, French and Swedish. Her work is translated into German, Swedish, Norwegian, and Estonian.